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Imports we focus on human-scale productions that are not always exported

About Us

Andes Wines Imports is a wine importer company of low-intervention wines that brings closer small and medium wine makers to international customers, to show them products that normally are not sold in other than their origin, due their human scale production.

  • Our Values

We have reduced the gap and connected all the intermediate points in the supply chain, becoming a new opportunity for hand-crafted wine makers to show their wines in the international markets, pursuing better prices for small and medium producers, in exchange of offering wines produced in small bundles. This way we help keeping alive this human scale wine makers, diversifying the offer of these unique wines in the target markets.

  • Our Vision

We work with vineyards that produce wine at human scale, until 50 thousand bottles, compared to big companies that produce more than 100 thousand of industrial wines. We tend to rescue wines with ancestral techniques of vinification, to share with the rest of the world unique and first time out of their origin products. To show you wines that were made to represent its weather and soils, pursuing to keep these attributes to share its real terroir, to find the identity of the place.

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  • Our Products

We have products from all along Chile and its valley´s. We have products from


Valle del Elqui


Valle del Choapa


Valle de Aconcagua


Valle Leyda


Valle Casablanca


Valle del Maipo


Valle del Cachapoal


Valle de Colchagua


Valle del Maule


Valle del Itata


Valle del Bio Bio

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